Saturday, September 8, 2012

Discount Codes for your Shopping Saturday

If you are anything like me, Saturdays are spent shopping. Online. In stores. Any. Way. I. Can.

I hardly EVER pay full price for items. A few of my secrets...

#1 - Promo Codes
** simply Google " (insert store name) promo code". Sites like provide discount codes that people enter. Return the favor by entering any promo codes that you receive from stores.

#2 - Get Paid Back
** I subscribe to Lucky Magazine which, by the way, always has the BEST items which you can buy in normal stores. When you are a subscriber, you automatically are eligible for If you shop through, you actually get a percentage of your purchase back. Once a quarter, they send you a check!!! No joke. I usually get a check for around $70 and almost every store that I purchase from participates in

#3 - Ask Your Friends
** my best friend Ju Ju Bean and I always text each other before we buy something to see if the other has a promo code or credit. Victorias Secret always sends those $10 rewards so if I know I'm not going to use mine. I give her the code. Sharing is caring!!!

#4 - Wait
** bottom line. I miss out on some items because I wait for them to go on sale but 99% of the time I find something similar for cheaper OR the item I want goes on sale and I'm able to get it. For designer items, H&M or Zara or Forever21 are likely going to replicate the hot styles so just wait it out.

#5 - Make Lists
** I make lists of items that I want. I put the brand that I'm obsessing over but describe the item so when I'm out at the cheaper places I can keep my eye out for something similar. My lists are a little out of control I have to admit.

So, before I head out this evening to shop, here are some promo codes that I'll probably use - "BCBGENPSW" gets you 25% off until September 14th - I have 2 of these so I'll share 1 "85420 01001 58993 3654" gets you 15% off online until today, September 8th at midnight! Hurry!!

French - "PSWF12" gets you 25% off until September 14th

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quick! Before Summer Is Over!

If you don't get "Goop", now is the time.

"what's goop? Goop is a digital media and e-commerce company founded by Gwyneth Paltrow"

This week was focused on Lobster Rolls and Gwyneth provided us a list of NYC Lobster Roll options. mmmmm.

New York

Photo, top: Paul Wagtouicz
The lobster roll that was ahead of the trend in New York many years ago is still one of our favorites, made with a generous amount of fresh lobster salad (Hellmann’s mayo, lemon and chives) on a crunchy griddled bun.

Photo, top:
On the lower level of Grand Central station is this very cool, old-New York restaurant (almost 100-years-running) complete with vaulted ceilings, myriad oyster varieties and a great lobster roll. Grab one at the counter before hopping on your train or head to the cavernous saloon and stay a while.
Red Hook Lobster Pound
284 Van Brunt St., Brooklyn
Specializing in fresh-catch lobster, these guys offer an awesome, no-frills roll in two styles: Maine (cold with mayo) or Connecticut (warm with butter). If you can’t get to Red Hook, they now have trucks that travel about the city.
This casual New England style lobster bar serves the dressiest of rolls, which is notoriously similar to Pearl’s – big chunks of lobster, lightly seasoned and tossed with the perfect amount of mayo on a soft, buttery brioche bun.
The simple recipe (much like Patrick’s perfect roll) includes fresh hunks of lobster, Hellmann’s mayo, super-fine celery and a whisper of scallion on a Pepperidge Farm bun. Delish.
Large chunks of claw and knuckle meat are mixed with just a touch of mayo at Luke’s, which now has outposts all around town. The casual environs, counter seating and wholesale connections (Luke’s dad is in the Maine lobster biz) keeps prices around $10 cheaper than the restaurant competition. They also offer half rolls, if you're just up for a snack.