Friday, March 1, 2013

She's Alive

I can't believe it's been 5 months since I've blogged. My excuse? Well, the job was getting busier and then we had this little old storm named Sandy who completely rocked my world.
Some photos of my work place the following day:

I work in property management so you can imagine how this affected my life. Our residents (not to mention myself) had no water, electricity, heat etc for days. With a tenant population over 30,000 (yes, like a city population) life safety was our #1 concern so I was at work for 30 days with little to no sleep AND I had to miss my college roommate's wedding WHICH I WAS IN!!!

All of that said, the experience was like none other and now that I can safely say that there were no casualties at my work place and everything is beginning to function, I wouldn't change the experience I gained for anything.

So, on to the normal, lighthearted wedding is in less than 2 months so even though it is not Tulle Tuesday, I figured I would share my pretty final wedding mood board. Most of these inspirations are going to be replicated so I can only hope that photos of my actual wedding will look a lot like the below. I apologize most of these photos are from Google Images so please send me links if they are your photos!!

There will be 2 HUGE 7 foot trees of babys breath on either side of the "altar"

 These are the exact table overlays which I rented and will go over ivory table cloths
 Alternating short poufs and tall poufs of flowers on the tables.

 There will be a large, 3 foot urn on the escort card table like the below but bigger.
I recreated these exact place cards myself

 This is the venue, so an example of how it will be set up.

 Our head table is going to have 28 people at it!! So we are going to do a low centerpiece down the middle of the table like so. 
 I made my own lace place card holders for the head table. I didn't think that I needed to have all of the bridal party go to the escort card table for their seats since the head table is sort of self explanatory HOWEVER, I did want to set up a seating arrangement so that friends are next to friends.
So these pretty things will be placed on each plate.

Last but not least, here are my shoes....

If anyone knows where I can get an all lace veil, please let me know. It seems that they only make lace bordered veils these days. I will probably end up making my own but that's risky, of course.

If you have any other questions, let me know. My inspiration came from a TON of Pinterest and a lot of blogs. A few of my favorites are:

Nicole's Guide to Style
I actually follow Nicole on bloglovin but her wedding was also featured on Style Me Pretty. DOUBLE WHAMMY!

Fash Boulevard
I die for this wedding. Her dress is very similar to mine (although mine is
FASH - where did you get your veil? I am dying to know.

I mean I DIE. These ladies are so absolutely beautiful. Sigh.