Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Epic Fail

I didn't make it  through today. This happened...

Chicken with steamed veggies from Senior Pollo. I will be skipping dinner and starting over on Day 1 of the diet tomorrow. Oh well, sometimes you gotta just roll with it...

On that note, I came across an amazing blog post today. This is what I'm taking away from it:

"...But you know, if there’s one thing that the past few years have taught me, it’s this: things sometimes get worse, and they sometimes get better, but they always change. There’s not a whole lot of use in worrying about making sure that things stay the same, because the fact is that they won’t.
But I’ve also learned something else: that the stuff that feels too insurmountable and too painful to handle almost never is.
And stains?
They come out.
And even if they don’t…you just roll on, pristine tights or no."


How amazing....and true.


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