Sunday, October 2, 2011

Better Late Than Never

So I promised that I would post a work outfit as well as my ATTEMPT at Kristen Cavallari's outfit (purple skirt, red top)
Behold...(I am my own photographer at the moment so excuse the obvious mirror shots)
 Top: Banana Republic - thrifted from my old roommate
Skirt: Steven Alan - thrifted from Buffalo Exchange on 11th st between 1st and 2nd around $20
Necklace: Loehman's - around $20
Belt: Came with an H & M skirt

My hair. This is sort of a wrap braid. I started at my left ear and went around my head. Ideal for 2nd day dirty curly hair. Ew.

Kristen Cavallari's outfit I'm obsessed with...or her....either way
My attempt. I think I need a black belt like her, to break it up. You can't see, but I was wearing black shoes as well. I have a problem with this top. For once, my boobs are too big for something. This top is cut for someone very flat (like I used to be). I'll keep it for when I lose 5lbs (hahahahaha)
 I am thinking I like the purple and navy combination better. The shoes are navy as well. I'm going to keep an eye out for a better purple top.Or maybe I won't. After trying on these outfits and the top being a total fail, I've kind of lost steam on this outfit. On to the next.

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  1. My obsession with K. Cav has been in full swing lately too. **SPOILER ALERT** Can't believe she got booted from DWTS tonight. I missed it but just read about it. Must admit - I was only watching this season to see her and Rob Kardash. Full on, self proclaimed, reality TV junkie right here.

    I like the navy purple combo you tried but I don't think its quite satisfying the color blocking you love in K. Cav's outfit. I think you need a brighter red to work with that purple tank you have. Agree that a thin black belt would just add some break up to perfect it.
    PS - Does BF wonder what you are doing when you randomly try on outfits with no intention of wearing them anytime soon? Husband(!) gets so confused when I disappear in our room and come out in a fresh outfit at 10:37 on a Tuesday with no plans for the evening. The best is when I ask his opinion. He's like uhhh - I need some context because right now it looks ridiculous.

    Should have just bbm'd or gchatted you so I could have had this convo with you because having it with myself was just not as fun.