Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pumpkin spice everywhere

Who knew?!

I went home to Western New York State this weekend with Boyfriend. There is, of course, pumpkin spice flavored EVERYTHING but I have NEVER seen bagels. I didn't try one (sorry) but they went fast. After we took this photo (in the morning), we went back in the afternoon for our favorite coffee and the bagels were all gone!

Our favorite coffee you ask? It's called "Jamaican Me Crazy" and it's made in the FingerLakes. It is amazing. Notes of cinnamon, RUM and pecans. Heaven in a cup. We bought a pound for our NYC freezer and the coffee maker is already set to brew in the morning before we wake up.

Speaking of, tomorrow is Columbus Day so I am off work. Can't wait to:
1) sleep in
2) go to boot camp at 12:30
3) run with J Dubs when she gets back from Atlanta
I've decided to put away the summer stuff that I'm not capable of layering and making into winter outfits. I also need to make a trip to the basement to grab my boots and my sweaters. Sad Day.

Does anyone else get sad when it gets cold? I love the fall but fall feels like Sundays to me. You love Sunday's because they are for relaxing and football etc BUT I tend to spend most of Sunday worrying about Monday, sucking all the fun out of it! So I spend all Fall worrying about Winter :-(

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