Friday, October 21, 2011

Things you (maybe) don't know about me

In no particular order:

- I walk a different way to work every day
- I eat my oatmeal out of a cup with a blob of light cream cheese in it
- I blow dry my hair AFTER I get dressed (including shoes)
- I read magazines back to front
- I like my patellar tendon massaged (kneecap)
- I hate soup spoons. My lips don't get to the bottom of the spoon.
- I am scared of rubberbands....I feel like they are going to snap every time....and hurt.
- I have never broken a bone
- I always press snooze once (so yes, that means I set my alarm 15 minutes earlier than I really have to get up...what, you have never set your watch ahead 5 minutes so you are on time? Don't lie)
- I dye my eyebrows
- I am TERRIFIED of spiders
- I am never late. Literally. Never.

I'll likely have a few posts like this as I'm sure that after Boyfriend reads this, he'll have a dozen more strange things to announce.

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