Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Do

So I need a change. My hair is boring me. Aside from going blonde (again) which Boyfriend has prohibited, I don't know what else to really do besides this Ombre thing.

My inspiration photos: Let me know which one you like, please! I need assistance. Also, if you have any suggestions of color specialists in NYC, please let me know. I have a regular hair cutter (Jemma at Arte Salon on Elizabeth Street, who also does Taylor Swifts hair :-)) but I don't have a colorist.


The perfect Ombre from SomethingNavy
side note: I love She is ADORABLE and daring but also usually pretty "functional" stylish. Check her out! I think I've said it before, she lives a block away from me and I'm scared I'm going to see her and think that I know her......I've done this with numerous celebrities "you look familiar, have we met?" derrrrr. 

OR should I try it at home like I usually do?

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