Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why Is Everything I Want Expensive?

I am the ultimate deal shopper....but WHY must everything I want be expensive? Why must I be forced to stalk the internet and these poor unsuspecting websites until their entire statistics page is filled with views from my IP address AT WORK. Yes, at work. Because when I get home, I enjoy annoying the shit out of Boyfriend :-) It's what I live for.

The point of this post was to highlight EMERSON MADE. Please note that the prices are not that bad, but I rarely buy things when they aren't under $100 per piece. That's my cut off. Is that weird?

Just a few of the reasons I am now obsessed:

Boyfriend is going to HATE those pants but I think I must own every piece in this collection. I guess my Christmas List was published prematurely ;-)

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