Friday, December 2, 2011

Secret Santa

Anyone else have a work secret Santa circle? (pause: did you know that picks up santa with a lower-case "s" as misspelled?)

I always like work secret Santa circles. I know it's like trading $20 bills, but that is $20 I won't spend on myself. It's much more rewarding spending it on someone else! Besides, who doesn't like surprises?

Luckily the person I picked at work doesn't read my blog so I can be very candid. She is a VERY outdoorsy kind of woman. We are talking Carhartt pants and plaid shirts every day. She's an arborist, so we forgive her. Not to mention she is actually one of the most naturally attractive people I have ever met. The point is, the other day she asked me where I recommended getting her nails done. DING DING DING. My list of perfect Secret Santa gifts is as follows:
1. Manicure/Pedicure Gift Certificate - $15 and up
2. Starbucks Gift Card - any amount
Everyone(almost) loves Starbucks, not everyone loves the price of Starbucks
3. Nail Polish Set - from $15
** you can get sets on the Essie website or ebay
4. Makeup Palettes - ex: Bobbie Brown's for $25!!
5. Personalized Stationary - $15 and up
My best friend got me a set of stationary and I use it all the time for "Thank You" notes.
Any other good ideas? Our secret Santa circle is under $25. 

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