Thursday, January 26, 2012


So, I've finally started decorating my apartment.

I would RATHER spend money on clothes and food but I do think it's NICE (notice I didn't say necessary) to decorate your space so that it is warm and "homey", whatever that means to you. 

I should mention that I actually LOVE to decorate. Love love love. I never said I don't like to decorate, I just don't like to put my credit card numbers in the box at checkout unless it's for a pair of Louboutins.

With all of that said.....below are my inspiration photographs (that I took home and put in front of Fiance who immediately said "but they aren't the same"....he's very literal).

I will try and post photos of the final product. When that happens.


Source - $895
Source - $72-$115


Container Store - $6.99-$17.99
I purchased these in whites and oranges.

I purchased the above Euro shams at Overstock - $37.99 each
Not the navy shams but the white with navy right in front of the navy sham.

Flor carpet tiles are so fun. I designed the hallway around the above  carpet and purchased  8 of them for a runner.
2 wide by 4 long
they are 19.7x19.7 inches each


I have this console from Ikea already
I put up 6 black and white photographs of  NYC along the wall above the console.


1. A Louis XVI chair EXACTLY like this one
(only not a bajillion dolla bills):


2. to refurbish the wonderful filing cabinet below that I salvaged at work :-)

That should do it!!!!

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