Monday, February 27, 2012

Man Post Monday

Wedding Planning

No, you didn't read that wrong. "Wedding Planning" is on my Man Post Monday. That's because I now know TWO guys personally who are doing the majority of the wedding planning.

One of them happens to be my fiance :-). Are you surprised? You should be. I'm anal. I'm organized. 
But I am also scared to plan a wedding.

So, if you are in the wedding planning stage of your relationship, think about asking your fiancee if she wants you to take over, or take over SOME. It's ok to take over the things you like to do....think about these options:

1. MUSIC /BAND - Chances are, your choice is as good as hers AND chances are that you have talked about it before. TAKE THE REINS. She cares more about the centerpieces, trust me. Just don't forget music for the ceremony. 

2. RECEPTION FOOD - Food is important, probably to both of you, but if she trusts that you have good taste, why not?

3. CAR SERVICE/TRANSPORTATION - Do you think your bride really wants to talk to Joe from the limousine company? Be firm in your prices...they have plenty of room to work with. But please, don't get your bride a party bus to arrive at the church....

4. SAVE THE DATES - Send em out. You are going to design them together but you can make a trip to the post office and save her the stressful trip. (Happy wife is a happy life)

5. LIQUOR - She only cares that there is liquor, and her favorite kind of course (which you should know). Take it over. You also know what your groomsmen like don't you? Just make sure there is red and white wine for the old heads and the lightweights.

6. HOTEL ROOMS - Call the hotel to block rooms. Block as many as you can. If they can't accommodate everyone that may potentially need a hotel room, block as many as you can and call another hotel to block more rooms. Remember: Some people may be coming in a night or two earlier. Also, they should give you a "group discount" rate. Make sure of this. Also make sure that you know the code the guests should use when booking.

7. REHEARSAL DINNER - You know who is in the wedding right? You know who your parents are right? Now, add them together. Chances are you've talked about where to have a rehearsal dinner. Book it as soon as you can with the estimated number. Once the list is finalized (i.e. who is actually getting a rehearsal dinner invitation), give the venue the exact head-count. 

8. FAVORS - Are you giving favors? Decide with your Fiancee but do the ordering for her. Have them shipped somewhere convenient for the wedding. You know....DON'T have them shipped to NYC if you are getting married in Florida and you are flying to the wedding. Find someone to ship them to in Florida. Maybe the venue will let you ship them there. 

9. BRUNCH - It isn't a bad idea to eat before your wedding. You may be a little hung over from the rehearsal dinner, or you may just be nervous. Schedule some food to be delivered to your hotel or book a brunch nearby for you and your leading men. Your Fiancee is probably getting ready in a central place, have some food delivered/catered to her. Make it light, she needs to fit into her dress.

You get the point here. Take the reins on things that you can. It will make the process more enjoyable for her.

Personally, I'm in charge of my dress, the invitations and the favors. 

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  1. you brat! :-P haha just kidding...think we can clone him???