Monday, February 13, 2012

Shout Out

Shout out to Mr. and Mrs. Bell. Thanks for helping push us up the hill Mr. Bell....although I needed a lot less help than my Fiance! (Us Western New Yorkers know how to drive in the snow!)

Six of us went skiing in Lake Harmony, PA this weekend thanks to our generous friends Jill and Brian who have a Townhouse. It snowed on Friday night so skiing was pretty good on Saturday! I got my ski legs all ready for this weekend, which we will spend in Stratton, VT.

The Ladies: Jill, Lauren and Me

I need some new ski gear.

I've been dying for these skis but they never go on sale

These are only $109. I love

Sorry this isn't a Man Post Monday. If the men want to contribute, I'm taking requests...

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