Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I saw the red rain boots below somewhere (sorry can't remember where) and thought maybe I could do this to my own boots!

My Boots

So I found an online tutorial here (and below) to make my own bow and all I have to do is purchase some black ribbon this weekend.

I'll post pictures next week if I end up doing it.

    If you have any problems viewing this video, please see the help section at Vimeo.

    And now for the step by step photos!

    bow supplies 003
    You’ll need: Ribbon, glue gun with extra sticks, barrettes, and thread and needle (already threaded with a knot tied at the end)
    You’re also going to need scissors.
    beefstew and hair bows 041_19-09-2009
    I usually start with a thicker ribbon but you can use this method for smaller bows as well, just use smaller ribbon.
    Make your first loop.
    This first one determines the size of your bow so if you want a larger one,
    make a larger hoop and likewise if you prefer a smaller bow.
    beefstew and hair bows 042_19-09-2009
    Now bring your ribbon around and make your second loop, holding the center secure with your fingers.
    (This makes a lot more sense on the video, I think)
    beefstew and hair bows 043_19-09-2009
    Now make your third loop…
    beefstew and hair bows 044_19-09-2009
    And finally make your fourth, bringing your tail down to the side of the first one like this.
    (honestly, you just gotta see the video to follow me here, I’m afraid..)
    beefstew and hair bows 045_19-09-2009
    There, now we have four loops and we’re ready to secure it in the middle.
    beefstew and hair bows 046_19-09-2009
    Run a few stitches right through the center.
    Don’t worry about how your thread or your knot looks because no one will ever see this once we’re done.
    This is my nice way of saying that if you ever looked at the centers of my bows, you’d see that I make these with all the grace of a bull in a china shop.
    beefstew and hair bows 047_19-09-2009
    Secure the thread with a knot but don’t cut it yet. Now you’re ready for the next step.
    At this point if you want to add contrasting colors or ribbon you set this one aside, cut your thread, and repeat the first few steps with each new ribbon, making them slightly smaller than this one we just did.
    Once you get all of your other bows done, sew them to this and don’t cut your thread before going on to the next step.
    beefstew and hair bows 048_19-09-2009
    Pinch your bow together…
    beefstew and hair bows 049_19-09-2009
    and wrap the thread (which is still securely attached to the ribbon) tightly around the bow.
    beefstew and hair bows 050_19-09-2009
    Until it looks like this. I wrap mine four or five times.
    beefstew and hair bows 052_19-09-2009
    Run  your needle through the back and tie a knot. Cut the thread.
    You know, there is no law that says you can only have four loops, if you want more, knock yourself out :)
    beefstew and hair bows 053_19-09-2009
    Tug at your bow a bit until you have it arranged like you like, spreading out the loops a bit.
    beefstew and hair bows 054_19-09-2009
    There, I like that. :)
    beefstew and hair bows 056_19-09-2009
    Tie a knot in a small section of ribbon (a contrasting color is fun to use here).
    beefstew and hair bows 057_19-09-2009
    Place a dot of glue in the center of the front of your bow.
    beefstew and hair bows 059_19-09-2009
    Press center of knot down on top of glue.
    beefstew and hair bows 060_19-09-2009
    Flip bow upside down.
    beefstew and hair bows 061_19-09-2009
    Place a dab of glue in the center of the back.
    beefstew and hair bows 062_19-09-2009
    Place open barrette on top of glue.
    It’s important that it be open because if you glue that puppy shut its really annoying to try to open it again and get all of the glue mess off.
    beefstew and hair bows 063_19-09-2009
    Take the top end piece from your knotted segment and pull it through the barrette like this.
    beefstew and hair bows 064_19-09-2009
    Press down to seal the glue and then cut off excess.
    beefstew and hair bows 065_19-09-2009
    Place a line of glue just above the barrette.
    beefstew and hair bows 066_19-09-2009
    Pull the bottom portion of the knotted segment through as well, pressing down to seal the glue.
    beefstew and hair bows 067_19-09-2009
    Trim excess.
    beefstew and hair bows 068_19-09-2009
    Now you have a bow!
    beefstew and hair bows 069_19-09-2009
    Trim tails of ribbon. I like to cut mine at an angle pointing towards the inside.
    Some people cut “V”‘s for their tails but those are harder to get even so I stick with the angle cut.
    Because I like it when life is easy.
    beefstew and hair bows 070_19-09-2009
    like this.
    beefstew and hair bows 072_19-09-2009
    Take a bit of fray check and run it along all raw edges.
    beefstew and hair bows 075_19-09-2009
    Don’t forget that little bit of exposed edge on the back.
    beefstew and hair bows 076_19-09-2009
    Voila! Our bow is done!

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