Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I don't think I've ever told you that I am obsessed with Posh Spice. Besides being the perfect robot, she has a divine voice. Check out Blonde Episodes for some entertaining photos of the girls!

The Spice Girls...Musical?

Good morning all!  I've finally made it to Colorado and we're getting settled in.  It's been so hot, (Colorado is having a record heat wave), so it was tough moving yesterday, but the place is adorable and my brother and sister in law will hopefully be very happy here.  We have so much fun stuff planned, I can't wait to share it with you.  Today, I'm heading out for lunch, then trying to help get everything unpacked and organized.  Pics of the space coming soon after it's all unpacked.  

Were you a fan of The Spice Girls?  I wasn't really, but love me some Posh spice (AKA Victoria Beckham).  I've posted on her fashion many times before and I honestly think she has the best style in L.A.  The Spice Girls were outrageous, over the top, and to say the least, very colorful.  The "Girls" met up today in London to announce the musical called "Viva Forever," based on their hit songs.  What do you think?  Will you go see it?  Here's some photos of the girls in the height of their popularity:

(Check it out!!  Posh is smiling!)

Here's what they look like now, when they met up in London today:

I think they're all aging really well, and loving Emma's blue shoes!

On another note, I'm getting such a huge response from my Boot Barn giveaway!  Thanks so much to Boot Barn for the opportunity to give away some gorgeous boots.  If you haven't entered yet, do so here!

Have a great day!

Images courtesy of Pinterest and Yahoo Online

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