Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Workout Wednesday - plus some shopping - duh

I was thinking this morning (during my sprint sesh) that maybe Wednesdays should be Workout Wednesday.....

Then I was thinking that I never do the workouts that the other bloggers post to "Try"....and that's coming from someone who works out....a maybe it's not such a good idea.

So now I'm thinking I could post some workout stuff AND THEN frost it like a cupcake with some shopping!!!

Workout Portion
I will never post anything that I haven't tried. This I promise you.

Sprint Intervals
(my actual workout this morning)

Use:                Treadmill or Bike
Total Time:      30 minutes
Intervals:         3 minutes steady/1 minute sprint

Note: I don't warm up. I know. I'm sorry. Get over it. I don't cool down either. Or stretch unless I'm in a class where it's part of their cool down. Again, get over it. Point being, if you need to warm up and cool down and stretch, add on to the beginning and/or end of this workout. I didn't account for it.

minutes 1-3: Steady Pace - I run on 7mph or bike on resistance 8
minutes 3-4: SPRINT!!! - I sprint on 9.2mph on the treadmill and 13 on the bike
minutes 4-7: Steady
minutes 7-8: SPRINT!!!
minutes 8-11: Steady
minutes 11-12: SPRINT!!
minutes 12-15: Steady
minutes 15-16: SPRINT!!
minutes 16-19: Steady
minutes 19-20: SPRINT!!
minutes 20-23: Steady
minutes 23-24: SPRINT!!
minutes 24-27: Steady
minutes 27-28: SPRINT THIS IS YOUR LAST ONE!!!
minutes 28-30: Steady

Get the point?
3 minutes steady....1 minute balls to the wall.

Shopping Portion
I sort of need this necklace from Barneys. Can someone talk me out of it? Or find one cheaper? 
Oh wait, it has SOLD OUT in the last 24 hours. Apparently I'm not the only one who wants it. 
My bank account thanks you for buying all of them.

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