Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Avocado Madness

Check out these amazing recipes, all with avocados!, from Philly Mag!

Guacamole isn’t the only thing to make with avocados—that’s the lesson I learned a few weeks back when I made a plate of linguine tossed with a delicious creamy avocado sauce. Now, cooking with avocados is my newest obsession. I’ve made that sauce twice and used avocado slices—topped with lemon juice and some spices—as yummy side dish for grilled chicken. It’s no wonder my good cholesterol is off the charts.
But what else can I add to my avocado repertoire? Here are eight (non-guacamole) avocado dishes I’ll be making soon enough.
The protein in the white beans and healthy fats in the avocados sound like a match made in nutrition heaven. Bonus: This recipe is perfect for vegetarians.
You can make this 300-calorie chili in under 30 minutes—talk about a win-win.
ALT Sandwiches
via Health
This recipe’s so simple it makes me wonder why I didn’t think of it myself: a healthier riff on a BLT, subbing the B for avocado.
Avocado Fries
via Health
If your kids (or husband) are clamoring for French fries, try this alternative—a 270-calories-per-serving take on the fast-food staple.
Based on this post, you probably think I’m a vegetarian. I’m not—I just love, love, love vegetables and can’t get enough. This sweet potato burger will be a great substitute for my frozen Trader Joe’s veggie patties. The avocado slices on top are the icing on the cake.
Avocado Gazpacho
via The New York Times
You can bet that I’ll be soaking up every last minute of the summer by feasting on the season’s best produce. Which is why this tomato-meets-avocado gazpacho is absolutely perfect.
Avocanana Bread
via the California Avocado Commission
Avocado meets Chiquita in this riff on classic banana bread. The avocado replaces the butter or shortening most baked goods call for.
Avocado Daiquiri
via Prevention

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