Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eyebrow Dye

I have a weird obsession with dark eyebrows. Since I ceased dying my hair a much too dark brown, I think it helps make my green eyes pop. In 3 years I could be laughing at myself for this, much like I laugh when I see photos of my hair almost black. But check it out.....



My best friend always references "Megan Fox Eyebrows". We love how they are long, not overplucked, dark and on Megan Fox's face. Girl Crush.

Other girl crushes....

So, the point is...I dyed my eyebrows last night. I'll post photos this weekend from Boyfriend's bday party. I'm wearing this sequin skirt from Zara (with a black bodysuit, either a cream or black blazer and black pumps unless you have any other suggestions....)


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