Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday workout

Saturday workouts are usually my easy day, Sundays are touch and go, Monday through Friday are go hard.

CARDIO (60 minutes)
20 minutes sprint intervals on the treadmill
- 0 incline
- 3 minutes on 7
- 1 minute on 9
20 minutes sprint intervals on the bike
- 3 minutes on resistance 7
- 1 minute on resistance 13
20 minutes elliptical
- resistance 9
- side plank raises - lie on your right side to begin with your elbow under your shoulder propped up. Lift your hips off the group 10 times. Switch to left side 10 times. I do this 5x on each side and I'm done

- tomorrow we are having 15 people over for the Eagles game. I'm making the following:
1. Buffalo Chicken Dip - substitute light cream cheese, light blue cheese and light shredded cheese
2. Sausage Cheese Balls - Bisquick, cheese, parmesean, sausage (no way to make this healthy)
3. Puppy Chow - This takes literally 4 minutes (if you use the microwave) and is ALWAYS  a hit. I like white chocolate better so I substitute. AMAZEBALLS.
4. Beer - kidding, I'm not making the beer. Not to mention the game is at 8:30pm and we all have full time grown up jobs early on Monday

I'll take pictures of each of these tomorrow night.

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