Sunday, September 18, 2011

Football Season is back

I meant to take lots of photos of food, but you put 13 guys in a room and food doesn't last long.

I had a last minute panic attack and thought we wouldn't have enough food......behold
it's no wonder America is obese. 2 large pizzas are only 19.03. I can't even get a "make your own salad" for that.

Football season doesn't help's an excuse for.....
150 wings

It's a good thing I went to the gym today.

I also walked around the city and made a couple purchases. Since Zara launched their website last week, I was pondering this sequin skirt and these black waxed jeans. As many of you know, you really have to try Zara clothes on before purchasing. So, I tried them on today and couldn't leave the store without them. WHY PAY SHIPPING :-) Well, it's a good thing since by the time I got home the skirt was SOLD OUT!!

I'm going to wear the skirt this coming weekend for Boyfriend's bday. Any ideas for the rest of the outfit?

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