Monday, July 16, 2012

When The Cat's Away..

Fiance was in New Orleans this weekend for a Bachelor party (tear..sort of). I was SO excited to GET SH*T DONE!!!

Is that bad?

Here's a quick recap...

OK, so maybe not ALL of that happened Saturday....(my mom provided those childhood photos to Fiance and I found them on his computer, which I'm borrowing (slash never giving back because it's amazing))

I bet you are wondering about the toenail. Well, today I opened my hall closet and my ironing board fell out like a guillotine!!! I swear like it WANTED to chop my toe off. It hit precisely on my toenail bed and I dropped to the floor so fast you would think someone was shooting a gun at me

and then I laughed.....for like 10 minutes straight

It hurt SO badly I couldn't do anything else.

Mint and red was the outfit for the day and then I got my hair did. A BRAZILLIAN BLOWOUT. They put a mask on you so you don't get swine flu in the salon (because this stuff is super safe) and then they spend 2 hours with a flatiron to your scalp. But then you come out like you were BORN WITH FLAT HAIR!!!! 

I'll post photos after I'm allowed to wash it and style it myself and I'll review the product, the salon and the stylist.

I also made some solid purchases today including this amazing, dainty bracelet that has my REAL first name on it!!!! OMG I love.

Then I spent 2 hours at home depot (hence the carpet photos). I should have taken a video of my wandering. I can't wait to buy a house.

Alright, too many words. Check back tomorrow for Tulle Tuesday!!!


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