Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday run with J Dubs

According to, we ran 5.59 miles today. According to J Dubs' magic watch, Polar GPS, we ran 6.6 miles. I have no idea but that's' a big difference.

Our rough route was; 1st Ave/23rd Street up to 34th street then down the East River to Montgomery Street, back up to 34th Street and finally back to 1st Ave/23rd Street. Although the West Side has a much nicer running trail, the East River does the trick.

We followed our run with the following in the fitness center in her apartment building:

Shoulder presses
Tricep dips
bent over rows
upright rows

Then we alternated giving each other ab exercises. It's always fun to have someone else tell you what to do, even if it's a friend instead of a trainer. More than likely, they have a different routine than you do and vice versa so it's a nice little switch up for the day.

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