Friday, October 14, 2011


Ever have a day when you are in the middle of drying/straightening/beautifying your hair and BOOM, your dryer/straightener goes out?

Wednesday my straightener worked fine
Thursday I wake up and it won't turn on

LUCKILY I had straightened my hair Wednesday so I just went to work with day-old hair (not uncommon actually).

If you remember, I think I had a premonition that my straightener was going and posted here about which flatiron I was looking to buy. As one with curly hair cannot go a day without the flatiron so I was FORCED to go to Ricky's last minute last night (9:30pm). My intention was to buy a cheapo Conair Straightener and then buy this one online.
Product view

Then I saw the sale rack and there was one straightener on it.

Wait for it.......
(Boyfriend asked me if I was 12 when he got home)

I did NOT get it because it's pink, nor because it has tattoos on it. The straightener was $89.99. So here's my train of thought.

If I purchase the Solia straightener online for $71.99 (I found coupons on I would have to purchase a cheap Conair one for $19.99 at the least. That leaves me at $91.98 so, I took the chance that BabyBliss is a reputable brand, looked past the ridiculous colors and bought it.

I used it this morning and (although the weather ruined any evidence that I actually used a straightener) it was amazing. Better than my previous Chi (R.I.P.). Not to mention, I just looked online and this straightener retails for between $189 and $238!!!!!


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