Sunday, October 16, 2011

Taking Care of Business

After a long day of football in Converse, I needed to stretch things out. I bought these gel toes. Same here. They feel amazing and my bunions look non-existent afterwards (for about 4 minutes).

It looks like I'm wearing flesh colored toenail polish...weird. I'm not. It's a coral Essie color I think it's called "Haute as Hello".

A couple shots from the game....

This was just as we got there (9am) before we were totally set up. It filled up within an hour. Good times with my best friends from college.

I have been in the habit of rooting for the Giants by default (living in NYC etc...) but when the Giants play the Bills, I owe it to the upstate people to go back to my roots.

Side Note: I never quite understand the nasty fans that bitch and moan about the opposing team being there. What do they expect? If they want to watch a football game with no opposing fans around them, they should probably watch the game at home. Just my two cents.

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